Das Programm researches Braun Design 1955-1995 (the period of Dieter Rams’ directorship). Our activities span writing projects, exhibition curation and the supply of objects to museums – amongst others, the London Design Museum, Vitra Museum, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum and the HfG Ulm Archive. Stocked with over 550 Braun objects, from ‘60s audio equipment to ‘80s shavers, Das Programm’s website combines archive, reference book and educational resource. 

Our London seminars make use of Das Programm’s core collection and the expertise of its Director, Dr Peter Kapos. The objects around which seminars are constructed exist together in only a handful of places across the world. Using these key pieces as physical reference points, visitors are led through a history of Braun Design. The experience is intimate and discursive; handling is encouraged. Two seminars are currently offered – Braun Audio, and the Braun Programme (extending to household, photography and printed materials).

Das Programm Director, Dr Peter Kapos, is a leading authority on the history of Braun Design. He has been involved with a number of exhibition and writing projects connected to the subject - the curation of The Ulm Model, a major exhibition of archive materials related to the HfG Ulm presented at Raven Row Gallery in 2016, the curation and supply of Braun printed materials to the London Design Museum, an introductory essay for the English translation of the seminal 1997  Braun+Design Collection and a framing essay for a monograph on the work of London design studio, Industrial Facility, published by Phaidon. 

Das Programm is a research arm of London graphic design studio, Systems Studio,  who provided the design for this website.