We make the pictures that appear on this site, and we're usually more than happy for others to use them. In case your use is non-commercial in nature, i.e. cultural, academic, educational, blog-related, etc., we don't ask for a fee. However, as a curtesy, we do ask that Das Programm is appropriately credited. The images on this site are small; we're pleased to supply high-res versions of whatever you need.

Das Programm holds the world's most extensive collection of images of Braun products, and the designs of Dieter Rams, available for use. In fact, we supply the Braun Company (Proctor & Gamble) with Braun heritage images. We also regularly supply images of Braun Design to publishers. Prices for commercial use vary according to image size, media type, circulation, etc. With your inquiry, please provide as much information as possible regarding the intended form and scope of use. 

In case our archive does not meet a particular requirement, we can produce images of Braun Design to order, as for example the image of a T 1000 radio recently made for for Deutsche Post for use on a stamp!

All inquiries regarding image use should be made through the Contact page.