SK 6 phonosuper
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Arguably the most successful of the SK phonosuper series. Rams' PC 4 module replaced Wagenfeld's organically formed tonearm, in use in the earlier SK 4s and 5, with something more fittingly rectilinear. The subsequent SK 55 was more at odds with itself - the robustness of Gugelot's housing contradicted the delicately engineered PS 2 phono module, more at home in the cool enclosure of TC 20 system. The aesthetic tension between the developing technology and the then dated housing was resolved in 1968 only with the lines's  termination. As early as 1962 the phonosuper had been superseded on a technical level by the transistorised devices.

This example unusually complete with a full set of literature, including service manual, SK 6 instructions for use, PC 4 instructions for use, registration card, valve guarantee form, and a slip with advice in case the device is opened in damaged condition. 

dimensions: 580 x 244 x 290 mm