audio 1 (graphite)
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The Audio 1 combines the TC 40 control unit, similar to that used in the TS 45, with the PCS 45 phono module. The system was the first fully transistorised combined system. However, it remained a transitional design between the light weight flexible systems and fixed position HiFi systems of which the Braun programme then consisted. The phono modules remained relatively primitive, fitted with a crystal pickup and with limited scope for adjustment, a small light platter driven by idler wheel and a small motor. However, the Audio 1M was fitted with a Shure M77 magnetic pickup, moving the system closer to the sphere of HiFi. 

Both the L 46 flat speaker, the Audio 1 were designed to integrate directly into a bay of the Vitsoe 606 Universal Shelving System as a system element. 

dimensions: 650 x 280 x 160 mm