T 1000 world receiver
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1964 World Receiver with retractable metal and plastic handle. The radio's calm enclosure belies its complex range of functions. Switching between short, medium or long wave bands is achieved by means of a rotary drum, which produces a satisfyingly positive 'clunk'. Controls are set out according to a highly rational operational hierarchy. Tuning scale graphic design by Dietrich Lubs. 

According to the T 1000's handbook, the radio is:

an uff all purpose receiver. 12 overlapping bands for AM (0,13 ... 30 MHz) 8 of which are short wave. Sensibility better than 6uV for 10 dB S/N. Drum-type band-selector with gold-plated contacts. 3 tuned RF -, 7 JF-circuits. JF : 455 kHz, switchable bandwidth +/-  0,9/+/- 3,5 kHz, manual gain Control, BFO, AF - filter, electronic bandspread. FM - range 87 ... 108 MHz, 1, 4uV/26 dB S/N limiting level 2uV. 

price on first release: 1,400.00 DM

dimensions: 360 x 260 x 135 mm