Neubau B121 series
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Neubau’s “Braun 121” Series focuses on the shape of Braun products,  presenting them in their original size at DINA0.

The poster series includes iconic Dieter Rams designs: T 1000 (1963, 360x300mm), L 1 (1959, 430x720mm), LE 1 (1959, 830x760mm), T 3 (1958, 150x83mm), T 41 (1962, 150x82mm), TP 1 (1959, 153×234.5mm), CET 15 (1963, 200x110mm), HLD 4, (1970, 141x50mm), ET 66 control (1987, 78x138mm), ABR 21 signal radio (1978, 180x115mm) and KMM 2 aromatic (1969, 120x185mm).

Neubau's poster design was produced for the Systems poster exhibition held in London in 2013. The exhibition was curated by das programm and produced in association with Braun. See Neubau's  animated film, 'The Making of a Modern Still Life', featuring Braun objects from the 121 Series in News, 25.11.13.

The text you are reading now is set in Neubau’s International Pro Regular.