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The first of two designs provided by Wagnfeld for Braun. Erwin and Artur Braun had been set on their path to renew the company’s program along modernist lines, in part, by the ideas of Wilhelm Wagenfeld, to whom they had been introduced at lecture in 1954 at Darmstadt. Indeed, it was as a result of that meeting that the designer was invited to design a portable radio-record player to join the collection of devices launched in the inaugural year of Braun Design at the 1955 Düsseldorf radio fair. 

The combi was released in conjunction with an exercise program presented as a set of records. Formally, Wagenfeld’s distinctive approach was not taken up within the developing program where the influence of the more rigorously systematic HfG Ulm registered with greater force.

See also Wagenfeld’s PC 3 phono module used, amongst others, in the SK 5, PCS 3-SV, G 12, studio 1.