Exporter / Exporter 2
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Arguably one of the most important Braun audio designs, the Exporter 2 was a revision by the newly appointed HfG Ulm of the Exporter, a design of fairly indifferent quality already in production. 

The general form  was retained together with position of the grille and dial. However, the visually complex and semantically contradictory textured gold plastic of the faceplate was replaced with simple white. A colour substitution of bright red for brown gave new and hierarchically appropriate significance to the on/off and volume control. The tuning scale was rationalised (most likely by Otl Aicher). Its emphatic fixing in steel by an expressed slot headed screw replaced a more less straightforward screw with gold finish, concave head and knurled sides.

The redesign was a demonstration to the company both of the validity, and superiority, of the HfG's approach, and its capacity to deliver improvement within tight constraints - the revision of the radio's housing called for relatively little new tooling, whilst the innards were left unaltered. 

dimensions: 175 x 120 x 50 mm