RCS 9 control unit
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RCS 9 control unit with RCS 9 radio chassis. The RC9 module was also used in conjunction with the PC 4 phono module in Rams' Atelier 3, 1962. Both are important transitional designs that mediate between the furniture oriented valve sets of the 1950s and the more immediately technological devices of the 1960s. The RCS 9 control unit was the first substantial Braun audio device to use anodised aluminium, a material used for the first time by Rams a couple of years earlier in the tray of the TP 1. 

The RCS 9 and L 40 speaker where produced in widths corresponding to a standard bay of Rams' Vitsoe RZ 57 shelving system, allowing the devices to be integrated seamlessly within the system. The aesthetic contradiction between the audio and furniture designs was resolved with the subsequent integration of the audio 1 and L 46 speaker within the 606 Universal Shelving System.

dimensions: 562 x 195 x 280 mm (L 40 speaker, 570 x 240 x 280 mm)